Friday, 7 October 2011


In the last Summer, I've recently looked at and London Fashion Week websites, but I didn't find any inspirations from the designers collections Spring/Summer 2012; the reason of my ideas was not that further. This time, I found some latest designers collections Spring/Summer 2012 - Peter Pilotto, and Alba Prat. Why I liked their new collections? 
Peter Pilotto - Spring/Summer 2012
Some of Peter Pilotto's new collection has large scale of white colour prints on the font with variative colours as the background and also the big A-line skirt shapes that were really inspire me lots of ideas and thoughts.
Alba Prat - Spring/Summer 2012
Why Alba Prat? One of the garment has three-dimensions of half-circle shapes all over the top; this is really relate to my ideas, using origami shapes such as fan to apply on my garment designs ideas. I will continue to find some more designers collection for my inspirations.

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