Monday, 14 May 2012

Professional Developmental Planning - Presentation

Every time I have presentation made me so nervous and less confident on speaking skills. This is never solving the problem. Generally I was okay talking to the people that I know, but when to talk to in front of the people to present my work, I was then become nervous very sudden. I think is because they might know that my English is not very fluent that didn't give me any panic. The other reason that I think make me nervous was preparation. I couldn't organise PDP and FMP at the same time which I find it hard to handle. Today's PDP presentation, I prepared not very well that I have no confident and unsure myself to present it. Also the 2nd year students were there to listen as well that I was worried they might not understand what I was trying to talk about and they might feel boring because of my speaking skills was very poor and misunderstanding. I didn't really know how can I improve speaking skills for my future career.

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